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ASU forensic's receives grant for cell research


Alabama State University could begin to play a larger role in homicide investigations thanks to a research grant from the National Science Foundation. 

This $200,000 grant will help fund the Forensic Science Department determine what happens to human cells after people die.

"Funding of this research is important," Dr. Gulnaz Javan, the principal investigator of the project says. "Information gleaned from this research could be used to provide legally binding information on how long a murder victim has been dead. It could also benefit the National Science Foundation because understanding the thanatomicrobiome is a missing step in understanding the complete human life cycle." 

This is the first grant to be secured by ASU's forensic science program which will allow undergraduate and graduate students to be actively involved in molecular biology research. It's to be titled "Research Initiation Award: Life After Human Death-The Thanatomicrobiome. 

"I am very happy that I was able to secure this grant, which will help expand our forensic science program and put Alabama State University on par with known universities that offer forensic science programs," Javan said.

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