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CR 12: Out of this world


Brandon Reeves is gearing up for a big trip. "This piece weighs about 500 pounds, the piece I made weighs about 30 pounds," Reeves said. This is not your typical college project, and he isn't your typical student.

"We're doing this as a favor to United Launch Alliance, they donated all the carbon fiber to us," said his engineering professor Jeff Thompson.  "We started out with about 10 students and he's the only one left.  He's the most persistent student I've ever met."

In exchange for donated materials like carbon fiber, the United Space Alliance wanted some engineering students from Auburn to build them a rocket.  Brandon describes the instructions he was given. 

"He told me he wanted me to build a 10 foot piece to add to his rocket.  He wanted it to weigh about 50 pounds.  So what I did is find a way to make a carbon fiber rocket and it weighed 38 pounds."

After graduating from ACA in 2010, Reeves got his physics degree from Birmingham Southern in 3 years, he's now at Auburn working on another degree.

"I've always been good with using my hands so I decided to go into aerospace engineering and be a rocket scientist."

So for the last 5 months this lab has been his home.  Working with a light and strong material known as carbon fiber.

 A lot of time, a lot of expensive materials, and hopefully a lot of success.  He's going to Colorado to see his creation fly.

"I'm actually the guest of honor, so I will push the button and launch the rocket.  Are you going to be nervous?  Yes I will be quite nervous."

From a lab in Auburn to the skies a mile high in Colorado, this project will surely open plenty of doors for Brandon down the road.

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