Demolition completed on old Bellingrath Middle School building

(Source: WSFA 12 News)
(Source: WSFA 12 News)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Demolition work has been completed on the old Bellingrath Middle School on Court Street.

The demolition began in early July, and members of the community said that the demolition was desperately needed

"For our neighborhood, and our community, I think it's the most appropriate thing that could happen at this time."

That's how Lois Johnson describes the demolition school building.

Although the middle school has since been rebuilt and reopened, the old building just sat here, creating an eyesore for the community.

"For a good period of time, the residents were saying 'When are they going to demolish Bellingrath,'" said Frank Jenkins, President of Haardt Estate Residents Association. "That has been the undercurrent of comments I have received over the past couple years from the residents. They're very pleased to see that demolition has begun, and the comments are positive now."

Besides being an eyesore, the building also attracted trouble because of the easy access it provided.

"The city and school district has moved ahead with something that could have been difficult or trouble making if it had not been done at this time because empty buildings, no matter where they are, can cause all kinds of problems," said former MPS Assistant Superintendent Lois Johnson. "It became a hazard too because the windows had been knocked out and there were things falling from the building that tend to hurt people, so we were pleased when they put the fence around it to keep people from going in there and getting hurt or hurting other people."

Although they're sad to see this piece of their history go, they agree, it's for the best.

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