Editorial: "Surely We Can Do Better"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A month ago I editorialized on the importance to get out and vote in our Alabama primary elections that were held on June 3rd.  At that time, before the elections took place, our Alabama Secretary of State was predicting a miserable 25-27% turnout for the elections.  Here's the bad news, we didn't even get to those percentages and when the final results were tallied only 22% of registered Alabama voters thought it worthwhile to get out and vote.

This is the perfect segue to today's editorial and the upcoming primary run-off elections to be held next Tuesday, July 15th.  Currently the Alabama Secretary of State's office prediction for voter turnout in the run-off is around 5%.  This would work out to one in 20 registered voters making the effort to vote and ultimately decide who moves onto the general election.

These races are not inconsequential to our lives in Alabama with big jobs in play like the Alabama Secretary of State, Alabama Auditor, a seat on the Alabama Public Service Commission, State Senate and State House seats up for bid.

This is why I urge you to make the effort to exercise your vote and voice next Tuesday.  The issues before us in this state now and in the future need strong leadership and it's your responsibility to weigh in and cast your vote for those you feel can get the job done. If you don't vote, you only have yourself to blame.

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