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Company has big plans for old Russell buildings in Alex City


When Don McClellan was Alex City's mayor back in the late '90s he often wondered when the bleeding would stop.

"We went through some rough times, a lot of job losses," he remembered.

Alex City saw close to 7,000 jobs go out the window over the next few years when the textile industry went south.

Now, there is a bit of good news.

The Aprinta Group will buy three buildings currently owned by Russell's Fruit of the Loom. Aprinta is considered a major player in the printing industry. The California company makes decorative logos and designs and plans to bring its digital print operation to Alex City.

What makes this economic news even better for Tallapoosa County is the mere fact Aprinta will keep the 60 employees who currently work for Fruit of the Loom. Add to that another 440 jobs over 5 years.

"We've remained positive and feel we will see dividends from this company in the near future," said McClellan.

McClellan tells WSFA 12 News he's not sure what the average pay will be for those 500 jobs. 12 News has also learned tax abatements are in the works but no hard figures yet because the sale of the three buildings hasn't been finalized.

A bit of inside baseball in this deal.

Aprinta initially looked at a site in Kentucky but chose the Russell property in Alex City. Economic leaders learned a long time ago nurturing relationships always pays off even in the darkest times.

"We've never played the blame game in Alex City. Russell did what it needed to do at the time. Russell did what it had to do," said McClellan.

Officials say Aprinta will begin moving in sometime in August. 

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