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Disabled veteran becomes national body building champion

Matt Driza (Source: James Allen) Matt Driza (Source: James Allen)

He's a national body building champion and a veteran marine who is now pursuing a new dream.

There's one thing in particular that makes his accomplishment that much sweeter; he's doing it all with one leg.

Matt Driza would be the typical guy you see at World Gym in Montgomery, but he's a disabled Marine Corp veteran who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2010 and medically retired after nine years of service.

After 13 surgeries and a prosthetic leg, He's a champion body builder.

"I decided to get back in the gym and I wanted to do competition after that," Driza said. "I don't know how it started. The seed kind of set itself and went from there."

Last week at the NPC Texas Independence Day Classic, he was named the first men's bodybuilding adaptive division champ.

Matt has a rigorous daily routine that includes dragging a 50 pound chain for resistance.

"Three weeks of just having the leg, I was squatting again," Driza said. "I've had no problem so far, and I can still do the same weight I did with two legs. I rep 405 pounds every week."

So what's your excuse? Driza says he hopes to inspire and be a reminder that nothing is impossible.

"Yeah, I could have been super handicapped and lazy about it," Driza said. "I could have withered away and not stayed in shape but what motivates me and keeps me going is just one foot in front of the other, you know, everyday just be better than the day before."

You can follow Matt with his journey on his Facebook

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