Editorial: "Consequences"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's been a bumpy start for the two highest profile college football programs in Alabama and maybe the country. Since April three University of Alabama football players have been arrested (2 for DUI and 1 for obstructing governmental operations) and over at Auburn University one player has been arrested (marijuana possession) and one cited (marijuana possession).

Let's state the obvious right off the top; these were idiotic decisions made by young men that should have known better.  These players, I assume, are all receiving full athletic and academic scholarships to attend and play football for two of the best universities in the country.  These five players decided that breaking the law was "okay;" it was "okay" in their mind to drive while intoxicated or use illegal drugs even with the consequences being so high – consequences that could have resulted in death to themselves or others.

So maybe the consequences of such actions are where we need to focus our attention to prevent the next arrest or citation.  I'm of the opinion that it is not a right to play college football and receive an education, but a privilege and if you break the law you have just forfeited that right, at least at the school you are currently attending, end of story.  That may be tough to swallow for fans, coaches and the players themselves but how else are we going to get their attention.

So to sum this up, these illegal actions are an embarrassment to the universities, the students, alumni, coaches, fans and fellow teammates and until the punishment meets the crime I'm afraid we will not appreciably reduce these illegal activities.

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