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Does It Work: Clear TV

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We all know how expensive cable TV can be, and most of us only watch a select few channels anyway.

Now a modern twist on an old solution to high cable bills could offer a cheap solution for some.

Why spend hundreds of dollars a year for cable and satellite only channels when you can watch broadcast television for free?

Most of the products we test either make life easier or save you money. This week's test claims to save you a lot of money.

We're testing Clear TV. It's basically a modern day form of rabbit ears you would throw on your television.

Clear TV provides channels with no contracts, no monthly fees and no price hikes.

Instead of the outdated rabbit ears, you get a sleeker version that can be screwed onto a wall or suctioned onto a window. All you need is a digital television to plug it into.

The instructions provide a website that allows you to locate broadcast towers in reference to where you live. In this test, most towers were south. So we placed our Clear TV receptor on a south facing window and plugged it in.

After a little programming, our TV went to work searching for channels. And when it was over, we were pleasantly surprised.

After a scan that took about five minutes, we had nearly 20 channels to watch including WSFA and Bounce TV. Some of which are actually in HD and they look great.

For that reason, we have to give Clear TV a yes on this week's Does It Work.

Clear TV is a one-time purchase that costs $15.

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