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Protesters hold rally to expand medicaid

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The effort to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act continued in Alabama today.

The state is leaving billions on the table in federal cash, while saving some money in administrative costs by not expanding.

Alabama is keeping up the fight so-to-speak on Medicaid expansion. The state is still not budging to open the gates for hundreds of thousands to get health insurance.

It is something that protesters demanded Alabama politicians, on Wednesday, to work on.

Alabama is resisting the so-called federal government intervention, even though the state already takes in billions for other federal programs.

The state won't expand Medicaid, and is instead insisting on some job growth efforts, that leave many folks behind.

Protesters descended on the Alabama Capitol to make it known to the governor that they want the state to spend some of its own cash to get billions in federal dollars to pay for healthcare for the poor.

Alabama is one of 24 states that haven't expanded Medicaid.

The governor continues to insist that the state must fix its own system before it allows patients to be added to the Medicaid rolls.

Now remember, it's not like Medicaid expansion would be completely free, the state would have to shell out millions in administrative costs.

Supporters say that's nothing compared to the state's savings when it comes to unpaid hospital stays for people who currently don't have health insurance.

Alabama is going through some major Medicaid reforms right now that are aimed at improving health outcomes for patients.

That system is set to be up and running fully by 2016.

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