Editorial: "For the Greater Good"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Sometimes for the greater good you have to do things that you didn't necessarily plan or want to do.  This is what I ask of Marvin Wiggins and Elton Dean as they seriously consider the requests of ASU's Student Government and Governor Robert Bentley to voluntarily resign their seats as an ASU Board of Trustee.

If the primary objective of a board member is to always be moving the university forward then both should remove themselves immediately as their current involvement is a distraction and its impeding progress.

In sports it's called "losing the team" when the players no longer respect or respond to the coaches.   It feels as if both men have lost the team on this one and as a recognition of this should move on.

That's why it's my hope that both men will now make way for fresh ideas and perspective without the cloud of "conflict of interests."

So I ask both men to set pride aside and take seriously the requests from students, alumni and now the Governor to voluntarily resign allowing this university move forward and beyond the issues of the past… for the greater good in the future.

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