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Recovery of MH17 victims continues from Ukraine

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Ukrainian military load a coffin of a victim of MH17 aboard a Dutch C130. (Source: CNN) Ukrainian military load a coffin of a victim of MH17 aboard a Dutch C130. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - It was one week ago that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed in a field in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.

Dutch authorities are now working to identify the bodies of those killed on board flight MH17.

The first 40 coffins arrived in the Netherlands on Wednesday, an additional 74 on Thursday.

In many of the passengers' hearts were dreams of beaches, tranquil vacations; 298 lives taken here, in a war they may have known little of, lying in the elements.

After days of painful pleading with pro-Russian separatists, a train of five refrigerated wagons brought the dead closer to a resting place.

But behind closed walls began the grim task of working out how many human souls were in the body bags on board.

A Dutch C130 took 16 coffins, four loaded in silence, as Ukraine's embattled army honoring them as they could.

As much dignity as can be afforded these bodies on this perhaps the easiest part of their journey back yet to the Netherlands.

Investigators hope the rest of the bodies will be transported back by Friday.

Only then can forensic science begin to work out who and how many they were.

As they landed in Eindhoven Airfield, the noise of recrimination was drowned out by a more powerful silence of respect - grief.

The Netherlands planes' briefly stopped flights; paused entirely for a minute.

They played the Last Post on the bugle - normally for fallen soldiers - instead for these, perhaps victims of a war crime.

The line of hearses for only one seventh of those killed, witness to how mammoth and sickening this loss is to the Netherlands.

Even when these processions end, the search for bodies may not, some perhaps left in that field in Ukraine.

Their families left with only time to help cope with loss, and forget how MH17 came to end.

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