The controversy began to arise November 26, 2012 when the ASU Board of Trustees placed then President Dr. Joseph Silver on administrative leave, giving few details as to why.

Dr. Silver claimed he had stumbled across issues dealing with fraud and conflict of interest. .

"This is nothing, nothing that should have caused that action today, other than the fact that I stepped on some toes, but right is right, and I'm going to always be on the side of right," Silver said at the time.

NOVEMBER 30, 2012

A few days after President Silver was placed on leave, the board agreed to an independent audit.

DECEMBER 21, 2012

Nearly a month after Silver's leave goes into affect, he and Alabama State University agree to cut all ties.

OCTOBER 14, 2013

The findings of the forensic audit are released by Governor Robert Bentley's office.

Documents show the families of Board Chairman Elton Dean and Vice Chairman Judge Marvin Wiggins benefited financially from the university. Both men denied the allegations.

"I can't say it's full of lies, but I can say there's some lies in there," Dean said at the time the report was released.

NOVEMBER 19, 2013

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools callS on ASU to provide evidence that its board members do not have any financial interests in the University.

The university denied any wrongdoing and sent a binder to SACS with information ranging from university policies to its own audit report that came back clean.

"Nothing is confirmed about a conflict of interest by the board chairman of the board of trustees," then interim president William Harris said.

DECEMBER 20, 2013

The ASU Board names Gwendolyn Boyd as the new president of ASU, replacing Silver.

Boyd promises changes are coming saying, "We're going to the next level with Alabama State, because this is good ground, this is good soil."

APRIL 25, 2014

Letters obtained by WSFA 12 News show Boyd isn't seeing eye-to-eye with trustees Dean and Wiggins. The letters show that the trustees did not like how President Boyd was handling the ASU restructuring proposal.

JULY 21, 2014

ASU SGA President Darren Dubose demand the resignation of Dean and Wiggins.

JULY 22, 2014

Governor Robert Bentley calls on Dean and Wiggins to voluntarily resign saying, "This would help the public relations. It would help us with SACS."

Earlier this month, Moody's Investor Services hit ASU with its third credit downgrade in recent months.

Moody's cited a recent SACS warning and a weakening financial state for the downgrade.

JULY 24, 2014

Board Chairman Elton Dean announces he will resign in a radio interview with WVAS, but Vice Chairman Marvin Wiggins refuses to step down.

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