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Auburn University joins fight to end child hunger

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The Auburn Tigers like to make an impact on the field and off.

They announced on Friday that they will be joining the End Child Hunger in Alabama campaign.

Lt. Gov Kay Ivey & Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs announced the new partnership to fight childhood hunger in the state of Alabama.

"You know when school lets out like it is now, public and private school, a lot of kids are happy and pleased but for so many, it's a real real dilemma and challenge for where they going to get their breakfast and lunches cause they're dependent on the school lunch program," Ivey said.

"These children in our community, have a lot of challenges in front of them," Jacobs said. "Some of them don't have both parents in the home, some of them have mental challenges, some of them have socioeconomic challenges. However, the one challenge that is unacceptable, is to go hungry in the state of Alabama and Lee County every night. That's unacceptable and the fight starts today."

More than one in four children in the state of Alabama experience food hardships at some point in their life. Nearly 60% of school children in the state participate in the school lunch program. 

It's those numbers that encouraged PGA golfer Jason Dufner and his wife to act.

"I think a lot of people in the state of Alabama, like myself and like Amanda, are unaware of what the numbers really look like," Dufner said. "It's easy to say that doesn't happen in my neighborhood, it doesn't happen where I live. But we started our foundation a couple years ago and started pull the layers back of what was really going on, what was going to be our mission statement, we saw that childhood hunger not only in Lee County, the whole state of Alabama was a real big issue."

The campaign hopes to move Alabama from the bottom third to the top 25% of states with child food security by the year 2020. ​

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