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Mom warns other drivers after heavy object thrown at car in Montgomery

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

A routine ride home turned downright frightening for Lynn Crocker and her two children at a busy intersection in Montgomery. 

On Thursday, around 8 p.m., Crocker had just turned onto the Northern Boulevard from Coliseum Boulevard, and was on her way to I-65. Her 11-year -old daughter was in the passenger seat and her son was in his car seat in the back.

Without warning, a heavy object, a brick or large rock, made impact just shy of the passenger window.

"All of a sudden boom. I had to drive down a little further to get off the road," Crocker said. "If it had hit any higher, it would have hit the glass and gone through this glass and hit my daughter. She was frantic and very upset and I had to calm her down. All of these emotions were running through me that it could have gone through the window and killed her."

Crocker looked back and says she saw three young men wearing all black running away, towards a nearby neighborhood.

She called 911 and was told by dispatchers that if her vehicle had been hit by a rock or brick, it was considered an act of vandalism and she could contact her insurance company to see if she needed a report. 

"I was very upset to think that they wouldn't even come out to investigate and see what was done to my vehicle and go after these young people who are committing this crime," she said. "I think they would do it again because they got away with it this time."

These kinds of incidents have made headlines across the county.

Earlier this month, three Gadsden men were charged with attempted murder for allegedly throwing a brick into a car and hitting a woman in the face.

Then, there's Sharon Budd, the Ohio mother and cancer survivor who was struck in the head two weeks ago by a soccer ball-sized rock that was thrown from a Pennsylvania overpass. She was on a road trip to New York with her family at the time.

Investigators say it was a horrific prank by teenagers. Four teens have been charged in connection to the crime.

Budd's husband told Nancy Grace that his wife lost her right eye and socket and had a four inch separation on her head. Parts of her forehead and nose were removed and doctors have been monitoring brain swelling. 

Lynn Crocker knows her situation could have been much worse. She was left with $550 worth of damage to her new car but that is not her only concern. She wants other drivers to be aware. 

"It's very scary and I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else," she said. "Other people who are traveling on this road, it could happen to them. It could cause a possible wreck or death for something like this, a projectile coming towards your vehicle while it is in motion. It can kill you. I do want to make other people aware of this in this area of town. Hopefully they will not have to experience this or if they do see these individuals on the side of the road to call it in."

A spokesman for the Alabama Department of Insurance says, typically, acts of violence or vandalism are part of a standard automobile policy, provided that the policy covers physical damage. He recommends checking your policy and with your insurance agent.

Montgomery 911 dispatchers told Lynn Crocker that if she needed a report, she could come down to the police department or they would send a unit out to her. 

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