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Dothan city students receive iPads for upcoming school year

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

When Dothan city school students return to school in just a few weeks, they will have an iPad in hand.

"I'm the old school keyboard laptop kind of person," said Patricia Jett. "I don't have one, so this is going to be a learning experience for me as well as them."

Jett has four children that will be using iPads this school year as part of the iconnect and 1-to-1 initiative. Every 4th through 12th grade student who attends a Dothan city school will benefit from the program.

Both Jett and the children are anticipating the advantages of using this new tool.

"This will give them the opportunity to have access to other learning instruments as well as regular books," Jett said.

"I'm color guard captain in ROTC, so now I can take pictures of my color guard and record them and show them what they are doing wrong and how we can perfect it," said Dazia Jett.

The first orientation kicked off on Monday with 9th and 10th grade students being assigned their iPads.

Students and parents went through policy and procedures, paid the $30 iPad fee, picked up their iPads, and got them set up.

"I'm really excited," Amber Collett said. "it's new and I haven't used it before."

"I think it's great the kids can have it," Tammy Broome said. "It will be nice when they get books on there and they don't have to carry school books."

With the iPad, students will be able to read their text books and create presentations among other things.

Administrators say it will enhance not replace the traditional classroom learning experience.

"We believe that it's an added tool for teachers to use to move students globally forward," said Allyson Morgan. "Technology is everywhere, students are using it after school and before school and we want them to use it during school for learning."

So as the process continues to get an iPad in more than 6,000 students hands before the start of the school, everyone seems very optimistic that this move will ultimately help every students achieve academic success. This being the largest iPad distribution in Alabama.

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