Back-to-School sales tax holiday weekend begins Friday - Montgomery Alabama news.

Back-to-School sales tax holiday weekend begins Friday


In another sign summer is coming to an end, Alabama's ninth back-to-school sales tax holiday will kick off this weekend. 

Starting Friday at 12:01 AM until Sunday at midnight, the state's 4% sales tax will be exempt for certain purchases. In addition, many cities and counties are also waiving their sales tax for the weekend. This can lead to some serious savings for shoppers. 

"The back-to-school shopping season is second only to the holiday shopping season so it's already a big time for people to shop in the first place," said Nancy Dennis with the Alabama Retail Association. "The sales tax holiday just provides people with another reason to get out and shop."

In the city of Montgomery, all three taxes will be waived meaning shoppers will save 10% on all of their eligible purchases. This means shoppers purchasing a new computer for $700 can save $70. Those savings are on top of whatever promotions and coupons retailers accept, meaning consumers have the potential to find great deals. Those savings are sure to be appreciated by students and parents in the River Region.

"We have about 32,000 students and around 75% of them qualify for free and reduced lunch, which means their family is living below the poverty line," said Tom Salter, senior communications officer for Montgomery Public Schools. "Any opportunity they have to save money on school supplies and uniforms is welcome I'm sure to those families."

Dennis says the average family will spend around $660 on back-to-school shopping.

"It's a big chunk of money and when you've got multiple children, you're going to spend more money. It ends up adding up to be a pretty good, sizeable savings and plus, every little bit helps," Dennis said. 

For those hoping to cash on the savings online, it is possible but there is a catch. 

According to Dell's website, Alabama's tax holiday requires eligible items to be both purchased and delivered before the holiday is over. 

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