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Reach: Broadcast television (over-the-air) reaches more people each day than any other medium. The average household views over eight hours per day. In fact, eight out of ten adults watch broadcast television an average of five hours per day, and 91% of homes in the Montgomery, AL viewing area have multiple TV sets. WSFA 12 reaches 228,580 unduplicated Households each week!*

Coverage: More than 97% of all homes have access to broadcast television. However, cable television only reaches 58% in the Montgomery trade area. In addition, broadcast television still retains over 60% of the viewing audience, leaving dozens of cable channels fighting for the rest and you can't buy ads on all of those channels or cable systems. The single best way to reach a mass audience is with a carefully planned broadcast television schedule on the most watched station in Central Alabama - WSFA 12 News.

Impact: Television advertising blends sight, sound, color, motion and emotion to have the greatest impact on potential customers. Well produced ads can actually become topics of conversation. When was the last time you discussed, or much less remembered, a newspaper ad? What's your favorite radio commercial? Now think of all the television commercials you remember from years gone by. If I say "Don't Squeeze the...." what would you say? What about the now famous "AFLAC" duck? And do you actually watch the Super Bowl for the game, or the commercials? Television campaigns have the ability to live for years and become part of everyday society. Your well produced commercial will create that "Top of Mind Awareness" that is crucial in today's competitive marketplace. This "Top of Mind Awareness" will help you to reach and influence more of your potential customers, increasing name and product awareness, and most importantly, increase store traffic. Our web site reaches over 683,000* unique users each month! Our online demographic skews users on the web at work who are getting their local news & weather from 7 a.m.-6 p.m. daily. WSFA 12 provides our clients with web ad creative assistance as well as web page development to meet your advertising needs. All ads are linkable and trackable. We also stream video clips on our web site on demand where your commercial can run before our videos. Your commercial on our station, plus a link to your web site on is the perfect convergence tool to reach your key audience at home and at work! (*ComScore, 2014 monthly average)

Production specifications:   

Preferred Media Formats and

Delivery Methods for HD and SD Content 

High Definition
Standard Definition
4:2:2 NTSC
16x9 (1920x1080)
4x3 (720x512)
29. 97 fps
29.97 fps
MPEG or PCM audio
MPEG or PCM audio
2 to 8 channels
2 channels
192 - 384kbps
we accept and air 5.1 audio 

Note; While we accept other formats, we prefer the above listed formats so as not to degrade or alter the original content as much as possible through unnecessary transcoding. 

Please have all files named the same as the ISCI number in which traffic refers to. Files should be exported without slate. Start of file should be first frame of video and end of file should be last frame. High definition file names should comply with the widely accepted industry standard of ending in the letter H. This helps our transcoders to automatically know how to handle your file.

HD Creative should be center-cut safe (HD content that airs on our 12.2 SD channel are down converted/center-cut)

Note; we up convert and down convert as needed for our HD and SD channels so please keep creative in original aspects and let us up and or down convert. This will help against unwanted letterboxing or postage stamp style video.

Note; we prefer all audio to be normalized to -24 LFKS per the ITU-R BS.1770-1 standard and the CALM act.

Note; we prefer the agency provide a FTP site we can monitor or pull content from.  If you cannot provide an FTP site with download instructions please contact either of the folks below and they will provide you credentials for a WSFA FTP site you can upload too.

Note; When uploading files they should not be zipped and should have a valid .mpg or .mov file extension 

For help please contact the following; 

FTP site;

Caleb Hawk, IT Manager


File format;

Morris Pollock, Chief Engineer


To learn more about television advertising on the most watched station in the Montgomery, Alabama area, contact WSFA 12 at or call

Eric Duncan (VP and General Manager)- 334-613-8258
Jeff Gold (General Sales Manager) – 334-613-8383

Let WSFA 12 answer any questions you may have, as well as help you to create a successful advertising campaign that will help you to accomplish your goals in 2015.

*Via Rentrak Data".

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