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CA mudslides strand thousands

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Torrential rains caused mudslides in California. (Source: CNN) Torrential rains caused mudslides in California. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - Rescue teams are searching for survivors after heavy rains triggered mudslides in southern California.

One person was killed and hundreds are missing or stranded.

“Everything slides down and it's just this rush of like rock and water and mud,” a witness said.

The rushing water overtook drivers and left cars stranded. Helicopter footage showed the extent of the flooding.

Emergency workers were forced to break the windows of a car to make sure that nobody is trapped inside.

The mudflow left roads impassable, 500 children and adults were trapped at a local church camp.

Crews used bulldozers and other heavy equipment to try to reach the campers as air rescue crews worked to free residents and their pets.

A van was almost completely submerged in mud on a camp site.

“I knew it was a flash flood. I knew we were in the middle of it and we only had minutes to decide to turn around,” another witness said.

Some roads are covered with 6 to 8 feet of rock as flood waters continue to rush down hillsides and across roadways making driving extremely difficult and extremely dangerous.

“We're still trying to clear the roadways and make sure people are sheltered in place,” said Ryan Beckers, firefighter.

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