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The future of public education tour dates announced

(Source: Alabama Department of Education PDF) (Source: Alabama Department of Education PDF)

The Alabama Department of Education has announced the dates and locations for "The Future of Public Education" tour, hosted by the State Superintendent of Education Dr. Tommy Bice.

This 12-stop tour will highlight topics like PLAN 2020, the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards, student testing and other important topics for students and parents. There will also be discussion of the importance of parental and community involvement.

"PLAN 2020 is transforming our classrooms into learning environments where instruction is individualized and personalized in order to better prepare our students to be college or career ready when they graduate from high school," Bice said. "We are no longer preparing children to take a test, rather, we are teaching them how to think and solve problems using real world application. In essence, we are redefining the high school graduate."

[DOCUMENT: PLAN 2020 (.pdf)]

The tour will include stops at schools in each of the eight State Board of Education Districts, beginning at Lee High School of Huntsville on Tuesday August 26. To see when the tour is coming to your school, click here.

During each visit, Dr. Bice will be joined by business and industry partners and representatives from Alabama's Community Colleges, as well as other education stakeholders.


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