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Opening day for Charlie Boren and Faulkner

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (Faulkner Athletics) - After a pair of practices in shorts and helmets Monday, Faulkner head coach Charlie Boren saw signs of things he felt were true about his football team as the Eagles begin preparation for the 2014 season, his first at the helm.

Boren, who replaced Brent Barker earlier this summer after two seasons as the assistant head coach, thought there was a lot of athleticism on his roster heading into fall drills. It didn't take long for that to be confirmed.

"There's no doubt we have some ability, it's just a matter of us as a staff getting them in the right places and doing the best job we possibly can do to prepare them," Boren said. "We hoped we'd see the ability today, and it was pretty obvious that it's there."

The Eagles worked primarily on fundamentals and timing Monday, getting in as many repetitions as possible during the pair of two-hour workouts at Billy D. Hilyer Stadium. After another practice in shorts and helmets Tuesday morning, Boren and his staff will get the first look at their team in shells Tuesday afternoon.

"That's when we'll be able to start assessing how physical they are," he said. "And we'll basically be able to do tomorrow afternoon what we do when we're in full pads, because unless we're in a controlled scrimmage we never go all the way to the ground anyway."

Boren was impressed with a pair of new wide receivers - Robert Lockhart, a wide receiver from Hinds Community College in Mississippi, and Gabe Chambers, a transfer from Jacksonville State.

"Both of them caught our attention, that's for sure," Boren said. "Overall, I was pleased with our entire receiver group."

The battle for the starting quarterback position is expected to come down to junior David Cochran, who backed up two-time All-American Josh Hollingsworth last season, and senior Terrell Robinson, who transferred from Chattanooga.

"Both quarterbacks looked well at times, and both picked things up quickly," Boren said. "We were able to get four of our run concepts and five pass concepts, so when we get into shells tomorrow we'll be able really get after it."

Faulkner will have its first day in full pads Wednesday afternoon in preparation for Saturday's controlled scrimmage, which is scheduled to start at 7:30 at Hilyer Stadium. The Eagles, who were 9-3 a year ago and made the NAIA playoffs for the first time, open their season Aug. 30 in Babson Park, Fla., against Webber International. The game kicks off at 6 p.m. central.

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