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How to make back-to-school a smooth transition

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Not only is it the first day of school, for some students it's their first time in school.

Pediatricians say there are ways you can calm their fears.

Of course the first day of school can be scary for children because they're away from their parents for most of the day.

Parents play a big role in how their children respond to this stress.

It's important for parents and caregivers to stay calm and supportive, helping children feel confident.

Parents should also emphasize the positive things about school.

"Encouraging them that they're a big kid now and they get to go to school," recommended Dr. Sarah Todd with Huntsville Pediatric Associates. "Involve them in the preparation of their backpack and their school supplies and picking out their equipment they need."

If possible, find out if there are any friends, relatives or neighbors in your child's class and try to create a buddy system to make the transition easier.

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