Editorial: "Stop"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's that time of the year again when area children return to school and with that return, big yellow school buses return to the roadways loaded with precious cargo.

As regular motorists can attest, morning traffic will slow down as more parents, students and buses are in route to various schools. That is why this is the perfect time to remind everyone to plan your departure from home accordingly in order to accommodate any and all stops by area school buses.

Since 1998, 9 students in Alabama have been killed during loading and unloading with the last student killed by a driver illegally passing a school bus in Mobile in 2005. While 9 students may seem like a low number over the last 16 years with hundreds of thousands of students being transported via school buses safely each day, think about it if your child was 1 of those 9.

Those 9 families lost their child because a driver unwillingly or selfishly did not abide by the law to bring their vehicle to a complete stop while children were entering or exiting a school bus.

Absolutely nothing is so important to risk the life and well being of a child and when that school bus is stopped, those lights are flashing and that stop sign is out you need to stop – there are lives on the line.

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