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New legislation allows veterans to visit private doctors

(Source: MGN) (Source: MGN)

With the new changes to the Veterans Administration coming after bipartisan action in Washington D.C., that means veterans in Alabama will have access to private doctors.

Medical groups have been lobbying for this for years, allowing private doctors to serve VA patients, and the VA legislation allows just that.

The Alabama Medical Association has been working for the past few months to allow the VA network to pay for patients to see private doctors, especially after the recent crisis at the VA came to light.

The new legislation that the president is expected to sign on Thursday allows just that, which is something doctors across Alabama are very happy to hear.

"You know the private doctors in this country, after the Affordable Care Act they've got to be efficient and effective to survive," said Niko Corley of the Alabama Medical Association. "They've got to be, and that means getting veterans in there as quickly as possible to see the doctors they need and get the care they deserve."

According to the Alabama Medical Association, well over a hundred doctors have already signed up to provide care to veterans through their private practices.

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