ASU's Friday board meeting to stream live on WSFA.COM - Montgomery Alabama news.

ASU's Friday board meeting to stream live on WSFA.COM

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Major changes are on the horizon for Alabama State University. A special-called Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Friday at which time members are expected to elect a new chairman and vice chair. Since the last board meeting, Governor Robert Bentley called for the resignations of Chairman Elton Dean and Vice Chair Marvin Wiggins. Dean resigned, Wiggins was eventually removed. Governor Bentley promptly appointed their replacements.

LIVE COVERAGE: The meeting will be streamed live at 2 p.m. on WSFA.COM and our mobile app.

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The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools recently placed the university on warning, and it's closely monitoring the school's progress until its meeting in October. Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says city officials are watching almost as closely, but for different reasons.  Strange confirms, "We are all concerned. Being on the front page of the paper is not good for them and it's not good for us."

As the current Chairman of the Montevallo Board of Trustees, Mayor Todd Strange is all too familiar with SACS standards and the seriousness of ASU's recent warning. "If you get that warning and you don't address it, woe be unto you," Strange said.

While most are comforted to know it's only a warning, it could spell serious issues in the long run. If ASU doesn't resolve financial and governance problems, SACS has the authority to pull ASU's accreditation, something Strange calls "a death sentence" for the university and the City of Montgomery. "You're talking between 8,000 to 10,000 people that would be impacted.  That's students and faculty. We've been talking about the potential of ASU for so long. Now, we've got to talk about the reality. Having the renovation of the campus was a very positive scenario, and I'm trusting this too will pass."

Strange says the city doesn't have the authority to act, but it has all the responsibility, "Whatever happens with them, good or bad, will have impact our city. I want that to have a positive impact." But that doesn't mean he hasn't been asked to get involved. Strange confirms he met with Trustees Robert "Bobo" Gilpin and Larry Thornton at their request to get a more global perspective on the situation. 

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