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New 24th District DA inherits Bobo case, meth problem

Matt Stowe Matt Stowe

Hansel McAdams' 16-year run as district attorney of Tennessee's 24th District ended at the hands of Matt Stowe, a young Harvard Law School graduate who has lived there for just five years.

Stowe now inherits the Holly Bobo case and a huge meth problem.

Stowe, a highly ranked Harvard Law School graduate who clerked for Sandra Day O'Connor, ran on credentials and integrity.

McAdams was district attorney for 16 years. He was criticized for using confiscated drug cars and planes for personal use in 2011.

Stowe believes that was not why he won. He said the former district attorney was doing a poor job with the meth epidemic and violent crime.

"I realized I belong in a small community," Stowe said. "The same bad apples are getting out and committing the same crimes over and over again."

Stowe has spent summer nearby since his boyhood, and his family has been here for a century. He raises rabbits, is a beekeeper, and is the four-time sunflower champion of Benton County.

It was appealing to voters.

"Once I had the belief that we could live in a safer Tennessee, all I had to do was tell other people that they could live in a safer Tennessee," Stowe said.

Now, Stowe takes over five counties, as well as the Bobo murder case. He said he is ready to review the files immediately.

"I'm going to make sure we bring to justice the people committing crimes in that case," he said.

Stowe was quick to mention his idea of one justice for all people. He said there are 10 murder trials coming up and all of them will get equal treatment.

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