Kids return to school in Montgomery County - Montgomery Alabama news.

Kids return to school in Montgomery County

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Thousands of students in Alabama went back to school on Monday. Thousands more go back on Tuesday. 

The start of a new year can be exciting, but it often takes a few days for things to begin running smoothly.

"It is a great day in Montgomery Public Schools," said Superintendent Margaret Allen.

Allen herself welcomed students back to class on Monday. 

Rose Robinson considers her pre-k grandson's first day a success. 

"They call it the big boy school," said Robinson. "They were quiet and content."

"We're happy about what we've seen so far," says Allen. "Everybody's on duty, doing what they're supposed to be doing."

The only major delay at Montgomery Public Schools is traffic jams.

"I had a hard time getting out and a hard time getting in here," Robinson said.   

School officials expect those traffic delays to work themselves out by the end of the week, as parents learn the flow. 

The principal at King Elementary hopes those parents will stay involved. Booker McMillian says that will be the key to a successful year. 

"It is critical, it makes a world of difference, almost like night and day," said McMillian. "When they show up, they're children take a special interest in what we do every day, because they know what mom is expecting, they know what we're expecting, they see the connect, so therefore they do a whole lot better."

"We're looking forward to an exciting school year," said Allen. 

A year, Superintendent Allen hopes, will leave a lasting impression.

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