Springford Car Found, Son Undergoes Questioning

The Montgomery Police Department says it has been contacted by authorities in Oklahoma and the car that was taken from Brent and Charlotte Springford's home on Hull Street last week has been located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Officers from Montgomery are en route to Oklahoma to "take possession of the vehicle and process it for evidence," according to a press release from the Montgomery Police Department.

Investigators looking into the murders of Brent and Charlotte Springford have named the couple's 28-year-old son, Winston "Brent" Springford, Jr., as a "person of interest," and have been looking to talk to him.

Brent Springford, Jr. has now been located in Weld County, Colorado and is being questioned by officers from the Montgomery Police Department.  Police say the junior Sprinford is officially NOT a suspect in the crime.

Until Monday afternoon, no one had heard nor seen him since news of the killings broke.