Editorial: "Waste of Money"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week there was an article in the Washington Times detailing a just-approved $545,000 contract between our U.S. State Department and a Florida-based consulting company. Why am I bringing this up? It's a shining example of absurd governmental spending.

This six-figure contract is designed to train U.S. State Department officials how to brief lawmakers and testify at Congressional hearings.

I can save our State Department $545,000 of your and my tax dollars today if they want some free advice; just tell the truth and oh, be yourself. There is no class or method to becoming a better "briefer" or "testifier." There is no substitute for being real and authentic when answering questions. There is no reason to waste tax dollars on something as ridiculous as this when we have so many other worthwhile things to put these tax dollars towards.

So I ask this of everyone listening or reading this editorial -- call or email our Alabama Senators or reach out to your Alabama Congressional Representative and tell them enough is enough. Put some pressure on them to get you answers on this or any instance of governmental wasteful spending.

We, the tax-paying citizens of the United States, have a voice in matters such as this. I encourage you to make your voice heard loud and clear: Stop wasting our money!

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