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Moundville community supports family impacted by fire

(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)

There's pretty much nothing left inside of the Matherson's four-bedroom brick home.

On August 6, a fire swept through it leaving everything inside charred. The family spent 10 years in it. 

"I didn't believe it was my house. I thought it was one of my neighbors. Then when the lady down the street told me it was my house, all I could think about is my son was in there," Jeannie Matherson said.

Jeannie's son Ben was in the middle of the home surrounded by smoke. But thanks to neighbors, he was able to get out quickly.

"They saved my life," Ben said. "I probably owe them a lot."

Jeannie's daughter Katie looks at what's left of her room near the front of the house.

"Most of our stuff is gone and most of the things I earned over the years are gone," Katie said. "But I can replace them."

Even though the fire left the Matherson's with nothing, the community is helping them with clothes and other necessities.

"Moundville is very close knit. I mean it's like family here. Everybody knows everybody and everybody takes care of everybody and sure appreciate it," Matherson said.

You may want to help the Matherson's as well. 'The Brad and Jeannie Matherson' fund has been set up at Alabama One Credit Union. Donations can also be dropped off at the Moundville Police Department.

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