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Las Vegas Fertility Center Surrogacy Information Egg Donor Options In Nevada

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The “Las Vegas Fertility Center” explores the surrogacy avenue of donor eggs when there’s no family member to be the egg donor in the USA.

August 16, 2014

Las Vegas, USA – August 16th, 2014 /PressCable/

With Thailand’s changing surrogacy laws since the emergence of the “Baby Gammy” story; even leading to Australian parents expecting surrogate born babies being turned back from Thai airports, just what are the options for people without family members willing to become their Egg Donor in the USA.

The US state of Nevada is just one of a very few states which does permit such medical practices, and the “Las Vegas Fertility Center” are specialized in giving Gay and Single men the opportunity to have their own biological children, commenting on their website that they are so thrilled to be able to fulfill the dreams of having a family to so many men from all round the world.

According to the “Las Vegas Fertility Center,” they provide several egg donor options to people that don’t have a family member who is prepared to help out with that aspect of surrogacy. Such options the Vegas clinic says begin with anonymous egg bank donors… “we have access to frozen eggs from donors who had more eggs than they could realistically use. These patients kindly donated them to the “Las Vegas Fertility Center” with the aim of helping others.” They concluded in saying that the medical statistics and physical characteristics of the donors were available to their surrogacy clients, and that this option did actually eliminate the need to wait for stimulation & egg retrieval.”

Another Egg Donor option for surrogacy that this clinic provides are their anonymous fresh egg donors, women who donate their eggs specifically for such situations. The clinic says… “their identities will remain anonymous and anonymous donors are remunerated for their time, efforts and medical expenses.” Their official website sates that “Las Vegas Fertility Center” abides by the guidelines established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine to assure that the monetary compensation is not coercive or construed as persuasive in any way. All donors are screened extensively for known genetic diseases and sexually transmitted diseases according to FDA regulations.”

The final option discussed was Gestational Surrogate, and the Vegas clinic explained that if a relative or friend is not participating as a donor and/or gestational surrogate, male couples would need to engage an agency and/or attorney that screens and facilitates finding gestational surrogates, but added that the “Las Vegas Fertility Center” could recommend an attorney/s to consult with, prior to taking that decision. The assisted reproductive therapy used is in vitro fertilization (IVF). Eggs are retrieved from the donor, are fertilized in the laboratory using the father’s sperm, and a healthy embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus.

The “Las Vegas Fertility Center” say that their doctors; Dr. Bruce Shapiro & Dr. Said Daneshmand with over four decades of experience in the field of reproductive medicine and surrogacy between them, are renowned for their research and advancements in IVF, and have assisted in the conception of genetically related children for same sex couples throughout the world. To make the process easier, interested men or women are welcome to assist a free 60 minute webinar on “surrogacy in the USA,” which reveals how to minimize costs and maximize success.

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