MPD Makes Slow But Steady Progress in Springford Case

The Springfords were found murdered in their S. Hull Street home.
The Springfords were found murdered in their S. Hull Street home.

There are a couple of new developments in the Springford double murder case but for the most part, it's slow going in the search for a suspect.

Montgomery Police investigators are working this case pretty hard right now but it's not the kind of work that you can see on tv.

However, the focus of the investigation remains Brent and Charlotte Springford's son, Brent Junior. For the second day in a row, detectives talked to him in Weld County, Colorado. They are expected to do the same again Wednesday.

At the same time, the Springfords' Jaguar that disappeared from their home the day of the murders is on its way back to Montgomery on a trailer. Police won't say if the car was damaged or if they got any usable fingerprints.

There's also an unanswered question about the way the Springfords died. WSFA saw a police report that indicated the weapon used was not a gun or a knife, but officers won't say exactly was was used.

Tuesday night, WSFA aired a photo of  Brent Springford Junior. Police have asked us not to use it again. That's because they may use a similar picture in a photo lineup. Investigators won't confirm it but they may have a witness who saw something or someone connected to the case.

Friends and family now say they will hold funeral services for Brent and Charlotte Springford Saturday in Luverne.