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Tuscaloosa schools work to keep kids cool on the buses

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This time of year in the afternoons the temperature soars inside school buses.

"It was extremely hot and a lot of kids piled up on the bus," Cailyn Thomas, an 11th grader said as she was getting off the bus. "It feels extremely humid on the bus."

School bus drivers tell FOX6 News, its hot enough with just one person on the bus. They say adding dozens more can make it feel 10 to 20 degrees warmer inside.

A handful of school bus drivers told us Wednesday one of their own had to go to the hospital because of the heat.

"You just thank God for whatever breeze you can get," James Conner, a Tuscaloosa City Schools bus driver said.

You can tell how hot it is just by looking at Charles Taylor sweat-soaked shirt. He's been a school bus driver for 14 years.

"The heat is very unbearable especially this time of year starting this early," Taylor said.

Tuscaloosa City Schools Transportation Department tells us only 11 of its 86 buses in service have working air conditioners. Those buses that have it are for special needs students.

This time of year, bus drivers allow students to bring bottled water on board to keep them hydrated also the buses' windows are pushed down and vents are wide open.

"Sometimes parents will even send a cloth and the child will go wet it down in the bathroom before they come on the bus. And it's the little things that we can do," Jimmy Boone, Tuscaloosa City Schools Transportation Director said.

"But we know its hot and as a result we try and work very hard on getting the routes as short as short as we can..and get the kids home fast as we can," he said.

Boone also says he's requested more new school buses with air conditioners but that decision will be made by the city school board.

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