Editorial: "Disgrace"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System is broken. The revelations that have come to light this month alone boggle the mind and demand immediate action. Reports of thousands of manipulated and falsified patient records, a VA employee accused of sexually abusing a special needs volunteer and another VA employee found by a VA investigation to have taken a recovering vet to a crack house where you reportedly could buy illegal drugs and solicit prostitution all underscore a failed system, lack of accountability and a lack of leadership. It's a disgrace.

So, let's begin to fix it by addressing the most pressing systemic issues; issues of leadership and accountability. Starting with the obvious lack of leadership, there needs to be sweeping changes from the top to the bottom in our local VA system. There is a culture of malfeasance that can only be dealt with by removing such influences and replacing with leaders committed to doing things the right way – every day.

And secondly, accountability and transparency will be paramount in order to move the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care system forward. This will be painful for some; that's OK, those that don't like it can move on.

Our veterans deserve better and our local VA system must do better. We support Senator Shelby and Representative Roby's firm stance holding those who failed accountable and their call for swift action to correct the deplorable situation our veterans have been dealing with for way too long.

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