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On Your Side: Jefferson Co. Department of Revenue letters

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A letter that appears to come from the Jefferson County Department of Revenue has one viewer wondering if it is legitimate.

Most of us are taking steps to avoid ID theft and fraud. So it is not surprising that a viewer named Robin said he wasn't sure what to think when he got this letter. He shared a copy of it with Consumer Reporter Ronda Robinson.

It said, "The Jefferson County Department of Revenue is updating vehicle records to correspond with the State of Alabama files."

The letter asked Robin to confirm information about his 2008 Trailblazer.

According to the Revenue Department, this letter is legitimate.

"There are different prices for the model type for each vehicle. We want to make sure you are being charged the right price for your vehicle," department spokesperson Darin Lanier said.

Apparently some people guess the model type. If they guess wrong, that means the county and state records will not match up.

"If you get a letter that asks for your social security number, bank account number or any personal information, that letter did not come from Jefferson County," Petelos said.

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