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Retiree insurance rates will go up Sept. 1 if Birmingham council doesn't act

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Will health insurance costs go up for Birmingham city retirees? The deadline is looming for the city council to come up with an alternative plan.

Tuesday, August 26 is the last scheduled council meeting for the month before those new rates go into affect September 1.

Birmingham retirees know time is running out. Week after week, they've watched councilors come together to try to find a solution but they say they leave each meeting frustrated because no decision is made.

David Crews with the Fraternal Order of Police is worried a decision won't be made in time.

"We were supposed to have a meeting on Thursday. It got cancelled, pushed back to Wednesday. We didn't have that meeting yesterday, didn't have a meeting today so I'm kind of worried about Tuesday," said Crews.

Councilors have been unable to make a decision on what to do because they say the mayor's office isn't giving them the information they need.

According to councilors, in order for these increases not to go into effect, they have to find $2 million somewhere else in the budget.

They're looking to the Mayor's office for solutions. However, Council Member Steven Hoyt is frustrated that the council isn't getting any.

"This has real implications that this is life-threatening when you consider some persons not being able to buy medicine and when you increase it almost 100 percent that's not fair," said Hoyt.

The mayor's office tells FOX6 News that the mayor is working on a list of options and is committed to finding a solution.

But even that gives little peace to Crews.

"I just hope he can come up with some options we can live with," said Crews.

Crews hopes that on Tuesday's all retirees will attend the council meeting, he wants to have a packed house.

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