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Birmingham group wants to create a citizen's police review board

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The police shooting of an unarmed teenager and the subsequent violence and protests in Ferguson, Missouri have all struck a chord with people at a local town hall meeting.

Tiffanie Agee has a law degree. She wishes she were in Ferguson.

"I'd try to be a legal observer where you protect protestors. Make mental notes if someone's getting their rights violated," Agee said.

"Most of us were moved by what we saw on TV, Moved by the passion, moved by the injustice."  Clarence Muhammad said.

Muhammad is an organizer of the meeting. One topic is how to prevent such a thing from playing out right here in Birmingham.

"We hope to have a better working relationship with law enforcement, between community and law enforcement. The youth needs to have a better relationship with police. I think some youth have a lot of resentment and anger."Muhammad said.

A panelist at the town meeting said, "We need to educate those in the community about how to interact with police, to change the dynamic."

An idea is to create a citizen's review board, where citizens would work with officers after a situation like a police involved shooting.

Jennifer Murray, who attended this meeting, says it's about holding law enforcement accountable.

"To make sure more citizens are involved. We make sure that the process is open and that none of our constitutional rights are being violated," Murray said.

"We don't want Michael Brown's death to be in vain, we want change," she added.

A petition has been started to start the process going of creating that citizen's review board.

Organizers of the meeting say they're going to take the idea to city and county officials.

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