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Mom upset after store scrutinizes pictures of her breastfeeding

Jerrika Aiken and her son. Source: WBRC video Jerrika Aiken and her son. Source: WBRC video

Have you ever taken pictures of your children playing in the bathtub?

Or maybe you've had a picture taken breastfeeding your little one.

An Oxford mother captured those moments on film but said she was scrutinized by Sam's Club in Oxford when she went to pick them up.

"I saw them sorting through all my photos and kind of making a pile on the side. I was wondering what was going to happen," said Jerrika Akein.

On Tuesday Aiken went to Sam's Club to pick about 200 photos she had sent to be developed.

She says about half a dozen were a mixture of her breastfeeding and her children playing in the bathtub.

Sam's Club spokesperson Tara Raddohl said those pictures were pulled by a lab technician due to a corporate "no nudity" rule.

"Nudity for most policies and same with our policy is any kind of exposed gender part," said Raddohl.

Raddohl said the policy to deny development of pictures that fall in the category of nudity has been in place for years.

"These are really difficult decisions for our associates. Actually probably for most people when it comes to making these judgment calls," said Raddohl.

But Aiken said she wasn't exposing an entire breast and her children were captured in the bathtub from the waist up.

"I understand where they're coming from on the photos with my children that they are trying to protect theirselves because there are a lot of bad people in this world but the breastfeeding one, I don't consider that nudity at all," said Jerrika.

Jerrika was given back all of her pictures but said she was told that it was a onettime thing.

As of Friday the manager at Sam's has called and apologized to Jerrika.

She said she has had pictures of her children in the tub developed before at Sam's but at a different location.

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