McPhillips & Shinbaum, L.L.P.

"To Give Dignity To A Person Is Above All Things"
"To Give Dignity To A Person Is Above All Things"

A diverse law firm providing a variety of legal services to the citizens of Alabama:

* Personal Injury-Auto Accidents, Slip and Fall, On-the-Job Injuries, Defective Product Injuries
* Wrongful Deaths
* Insurance, Business and Consumer Fraud
* Employment Discrimination-Race, Sex, Age, Ethnicity, Disability, Government Employees
* Constitutional and Civil Rights
* Criminal Defense

Over 100 Years of Legal Experience

The law firm of McPhillips & Shinbaum, L.L.P. and its predecessors opened its doors at 516 South Perry, Montgomery in September, 1978 when Julian McPhillips, a former Assistant Attorney General, who had just run for Attorney General, moved in with his wife, Leslie, as secretary, and his toddler daughter, Rachel (now 25), crawling around the office.

Since that humble beginning the firm has earned the reputation as one of the most aggressive legal teams in pursuit of justice for its clients. The firm's growth is reflected in the diverse talents of its eight attorneys whose skills compliment each other. With a staff of 21 the firm is large enough to handle the big cases, but small enough that you still get personal attention. There are 117 years of legal experience between 8 attorneys.

Among the many landmark cases handled by McPhillips & Shinbaum, L.L.P. are: two separate million dollar jury verdicts in business and insurance fraud cases; an $8.5 million jury verdict in a wrongful death and personal injury case; an $18 million settlement against ALFA Insurance on behalf on policyholders; victories against Governor Guy Hunt for abusing a state airplane for personal financial gain; against Governor George Wallace for illegal patronage, and against Governor Fob James for preventing 70 year old state employees from working; Attorney McPhillips also stopped an unsafe nuclear power plant from being built in central Alabama; and initiated a case that struck down a Montgomery law used to harass poor people.

In 2003 the firm won a monumental settlement against Firestone/Bridgestone Tires and Ford Motor Company in Macon County. The firm has also won many cases against large corporations, insurance companies, trucking companies and various state agencies.

McPhillips & Shinbaum, L.L.P.
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