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Voters in Gadsden to weigh in on Sunday alcohol sales

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Voters in Gadsden will go to the polls Tuesday to decide if their city should remain the largest in Alabama not sell alcohol on Sundays.

After a lengthy process that included a trip to the state legislature, the issue will finally land before voters. They will also vote for the positions of mayor and council members.

Supporters have contended that Sunday sales will be an economic boost to the area. They say four national restaurant chains are interested in locating in the city, provide Sunday sales are allowed. They say two of those are even awaiting phone calls Wednesday, after the votes are tallied.

Gadsden Area Chamber of Commerce President Heather New said a study the chamber commissioned from Jacksonville State University shows a big difference in the area's economy.

"That study indicated as many as 420 new jobs, and $12.6 million in additional revenue. As a result, the chamber feels that lifting this ban would be a positive move for our economy," she says.

New also said that study indicated residents in the "millennial" generation do most of their grocery shopping on Sunday, and that could be a major factor as well.

However, not everyone supports the idea, and one group of opponents even met at Gadsden Conventional Hall recently to discuss the idea.

Rev. Michael Rogers, a former church pastor who now teaches home school classes, says he thinks the city should concentrate on bringing in non-service jobs to the area. He also opposes the measure on moral grounds, saying it could open the door to the legalization of things like prostitution.

Rogers also says the city has a tradition of honoring the Sabbath that should be respected.

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