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Fairfield councilors, neighborhood presidents meet to discuss safety issues

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The City of Fairfield has had to deal with a lot of issues in recent weeks. Most recently, the city lost its insurance, and then got it back. Now, there appears to be enough concerns about public safety for the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee to call a meeting.

Council Member Willie Hardley organized the meeting because he wanted to hear from neighborhood presidents about ways police could deter crime.

The presidents showed up, but were caught off guard when they saw our cameras. They thought it was going to be a private discussion. They did not know the media was invited.

One neighborhood president said he wasn't comfortable talking about this in front of our cameras.

"I appreciate you guys, I love Six on my side but I'm not comfortable expressing the needs and desires of our city in front of the press right now,"he said.

He later apologized to the other presidents saying he's just passionate about his community and didn't know reporters would be there. He began talking about his frustration with the city.

"How do you have a public safety meeting without the public safety chiefs," he asked Hardley.

Mayor Kenneth Coachman, and Police Chief Leon Davis were unable to attend. Hardley told the crowd he invited them. But another council president explained to Hardley that the mayor and chief were at a Forest Hill neighborhood meeting helping set up a neighborhod watch. It's a committment they apparently made weeks ago.

Elise McLin came here tonight with ideas, and she continues to come up with them until change happens.

"We've got to get a long with each other. We've got to work together. Everybody has to come together and work together. And that's how we get to point B," said McLin.

Some of the people who were going to attend this meeting actually left and went over to the Forest Hill meeting.

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