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Literacy Council of Central Alabama says illiteracy is no joke

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Local literacy advocates are speaking out after rapper 50 Cent made fun of boxer Floyd Mayweather's reported struggle with literacy.

Rapper 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather used to be friends.

But in the past year that's changed and it's been a war of words on social media.

Most recently, the rapper's been making fun of Mayweather's reading ability.

In a YouTube video, the rapper found a way to figuratively hit the famous boxer below the belt. 50 Cent targeted Mayweather, challenging him to read children's book 'Cat in the Hat'.

And then to make the situation worse, a radio station leaked raw audio of who is believed to be Mayweather struggling to read a public service announcement.

Illiteracy is a struggle that Regina Boglin knows well.

"For 60 years or more, I hid the fact that I could not read," the Birmingham resident said.

She said during that 60 years she was embarrassed. About six years ago, she sought help at the Literacy Council of Central Alabama.

"As far as 50 Cent challenging Floyd Mayweather, challenge something else," said Boglin. "It hurts. You don't challenge someone with a deficiency."

Adrienne Marshall with the Literacy Council said she's disappointed illiteracy is being made fun of by a public figure.

She says 15 percent of people in central Alabama can't read and many of those people are adults.

"It's important to take it seriously. As you can see reading struggles cross all income levels. This boxer is hugely famous, hugely rich, but he still struggles with this," said Marshall.

Marshall said the council's services there are free and confidential.

She said the staff and tutors have new clients call or come in every day. The telephone number is 205-326-1925.

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