Double Murder Investigation Moves Forward With Release of Photographs

Springford, Jr. prior to the murders
Springford, Jr. prior to the murders
Springford, Jr. during questioning
Springford, Jr. during questioning

Less than a week after the bodies of Charlotte and Brent Springford were found in their south Montgomery home, police released what they consider three important photographs.

"The son has not been charged, however, we haven't ruled him out as a suspect," says Lt. Huey Thornton. But Brent Springford, Jr. is still a 'person of interest' for investigators.

One photograph shows Springford, Jr. with shoulder length hair and a mustache some time before the crimes were committed. Another picture of Springford, Jr. shows his appearance during his questioning by Montgomery homicide investigators in Colorado.

The second photograph shows Springford with short hair and no mustache. Lt. Thornton says he didn't know why Springford shaved and cut his hair.

"The reason we're releasing those photographs is we're hoping that maybe somewhere between here and Oklahoma saw the vehicle," says Thornton.

The third photograph shows the 1998 black jaguar car belonged to Mrs. Springford. It was found Monday near Tulsa, Oklahoma. The jag is back in Montgomery being processed for evidence at the city lot.

Meantime, 600 hundred people including the Springfords' only daughter and her husband attended a 20-minute memorial service at St. John's Episcopal Church in downtown Montgomery.

The service consisted of several hymns such as Amazing Grace, the Lord's prayer, and Bible readings. It's the beginning of a sad goodbye for people like Winton Blount.

"How sad. I hope they find out who did this terrible crime," Blount says.

The story surrounding the double-murder has reached at least one television network. On Fox News Wednesday, the anchorwoman asked Lt. Thornton a question so many of us started asking right after the bodies were discovered.

anchorwoman: "Doesn't it seem unusual that he would not come right home when he heard the news about his parents?"

Brent Springford, Jr., has not been back to Montgomery since his parents were killed, and he was not in the church for their memorial.

So far police aren't saying how the Springfords died but one person close to the story tell us they were beaten. In fact, the police report indicates an 'unknown type of object' was used.