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Macon Co. gets new fire and safety prevention course


The Macon County Career Tech Center offers 12 career type courses, but the newest curriculum is a reflection of what's lacking in the county. That's why the school district feels the fire safety and prevention could go a long way in providing basic health care.

You would have to dig back a long way to find records of any hospitals in Macon County. The county doesn't have one even today. But there is a new Fire Safety and Prevention course at the Macon County Career Tech Center.

The curriculum is among the 12 classes offered at career tech. The class itself is not a requirement, but coming through career tech is, before students can graduate from their respective high school.

"Students in Macon County and in any of our career tech programs have the opportunity to maximize their learning in Macon County. They can give back and this is what industries look for," said Dr. Melvin Lowe, Educational Director Career & Technical Education.

Qu'Ran Quail isn't sure if being a firefighter is in his future but likes the challenge of suiting up in 60 seconds. It's one of the things they learn along with first aid and CPR.

"It's strange. "you have to put all this on. It's a lot. I also didn't know you can break ribs when you do you CPR," said Quai, who is just 15-years old.

The fire safety and prevention class is the newest course at career tech. With no hospital in Macon County, Dr. Lowe believes students who complete the curriculum will have a leg up over the competition should they stay or leave Macon County and go into the medical field.


"I look at it as an advantage for students," said Dr. Lowe. "Often students have a host of opportunities afforded to them it's destined to them to make certain career choices."

In all, the program has around 1,300 public school students.

Back in the classroom, students like Quail got a feel and a first hand look of what it means to be a first responder, focusing on a possible future in emergency care in one of the poorest counties in Alabama.

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