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School board adopts new process to evaluate MPS superintendent


A new evaluation tool has been approved to gauge the progress of Montgomery school superintendent Margaret Allen. All eyes have been on Allen and her efforts to turn the system around and the school board now has a new process to ensure that the goals she's set are being met.

It's her first full school year as superintendent of Montgomery Public Schools and Allen says it will be a year of problem solving. 

On Tuesday night, the Montgomery County Board of Education has approved the process by which they will make sure that Allen and the school district are truly moving forward and making improvements with her learning plan.  Allen will set her own goals for within the school system and each year, the board will evaluate her based on whether or not she's met those goals. 

"This process allows what they do as a matter of fact as their job to be a part of how they are evaluated and of course, because our students are all relying on what they do and how they do it and how they get the teachers and the principals and all of the staffs to work, that's why we're using this process," said Board of Education president Eleanor Dawkins. "We're trying to help our students improve and for her to have all of these people working to make things better for our students then we measure her on that, then that says we are making some progress."

Dawkins says the new evaluation process is less "intense" than the previous process and let's the superintendent focus on the job. 

Allen says her goals focus on participation, transparency and student achievement.

Her strategic goals include:

- Create a protocol to improve communication and information delivery to the Board. 
- Ensure implementation of MPS Strategic Plan goals
- Engage in activities that strengthen personal knowledge and implementation of financial matters to be able to maintain and monitor school system budgeting and financial obligations. 
- Participate in a national superintendent academy training cohort. 

The National Superintendent Academy is designed to help hone skills needed for superintendents to be successful.

"I think it will bring about some good things for the district because that is indeed our goal," she said during Tuesday night's meeting. 

The evaluation structure requires that in August of each year, Allen complete a personal assessment and prepare a professional learning plan, based on the self assessment, the strategic plan and other system initiatives. 

In June of 2015, the board will complete the evaluation process and the superintendent will present the results of the professional learning plan. The process will go through the 2016 school year.

"It's a big job. It's a long term job. It's not something we can snap our fingers and be finished with. It's going to take some years because we're deep in a hole. We all know it and we are deep in that hole with her trying to work our way out," Dawkins said. 

It was also announced at the meeting that the Montgomery school system has been given a AA investment rating, which could help save the district $1 million in interest costs alone. MPS was able to raise more than $7.5 million in capital for needed improvements in schools. 

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