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Bessemer voters experience issues during election

(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)

Anthony Underwood's campaign reported possible voting issues from Bessemer's election on Tuesday.

His campaign manager says a few of the polls opened late Tuesday morning and because of the delay some people were not able to vote.

Bessemer's attorney Shan Paden said two of the polling sites opened 15 minutes late.

In one case, they had to wait for a voting official to arrive to open the polls. At the other location, the workers could not get the machines to turn on. A tech was called over to get the machine up and running.

At a third voting location, one of the machines actually malfunctioned, but Paden says that was fixed as well.

According to Paden, none of these issues are enough to raise red flags and the city is not aware of any other voting problems from Tuesday.

Tuesday's election is the first time the city used these electronic machines and but Paden said their poll workers did have training to prepare for today.

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