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Capital murder trial underway

Gregory Smith in court. Source: WBRC video Gregory Smith in court. Source: WBRC video
Gregory Smith in court. Source: WBRC video Gregory Smith in court. Source: WBRC video

Opening statements began Wednesday morning in the capital murder trial of a man accused of killing a woman in front of her sons.

Gregory Smith is on trial for the May 2011 murder of Gerronda Hill.

Hill's sons were 10 and 13 years old when they witnessed their mother's death in 2011. It's still unclear if Hill's sons will testify in the trial, but if so they would be key testimony.

Prosecutors told jurors the last text Smith sent Hill said, "Til death do us part. I mean that." Two hours later she was dead.

Prosecutor Julie McMakin told jurors that Gregory Smith stabbed his ex-girlfriend in the chest on May 4.

McMakin said Smith was waiting for Hill when she arrived home with her sons that night. She said the two argued, Hill maced Smith and then Smith caught her and stabbed her.

Defense attorney Wendell Sheffield countered by saying the two had a dysfunctional relationship and were often in physical and verbal confrontations.

He said Hill escalated the argument when she maced Smith and that he didn't intend to kill her.

Sheffield says Smith stabbed Hill in the arm, and when that happened, it punctured a particular artery that caused her to bleed to death. Sheffield says that's not capital murder.

Testimony then began with Gerronda Hill's mother and later this afternoon, lengthy testimony from evidence tech Roxann Murray.

Numerous times, defense attorneys tried to question her evidence collection, pointing out that she did not identify certain things at the scene.

On Wednesday afternoon, coroner Gary Simmons testified about the specific injuries Gerronda Hill suffered, a factor that could be critical to this case.

If convicted, Smith could get the death penalty.


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