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Group holds luncheon in Montgomery to discuss bullying

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Bullying has been an issue since the beginning of time.

A relatively new program aimed at stopping bullying was the talk over lunch in downtown Montgomery on Wednesday.

One thing everybody agreed on, is that bullying is no longer confined to the playgrounds. It's gotten more bold, more in your face and brazen as Dottie Henderson is beginning to see.

"They were very aggressive," Henderson said.

The new school is barely a few weeks old and Henderson alleges two boys are bullying her 15-year-old grandson at a Montgomery County public high school.

That's why Henderson chose to attend a brown bag luncheon in Montgomery where the Central Alabama Community Foundation served up a discussion about bullying and what ROCK can do to stop it.

"It's like domestic violence. It's about power and control. There is an imbalance of power in a relationship."

Organizers started ROCK last fall and it stands for Respect Others Create Kindness. The idea is to reach kids in the elementary and junior high schools through assemblies and conversations.

Dottie Henderson says the bullying got so bad, her grandson tried to commit suicide.

"Last Friday he came home and slit his wrists," said Henderson.

After the program on Wednesday, Henderson met with a county school leader to discuss her grandson's case.

Henderson says for now her grandson survived the suicide attempt and is getting better after some counseling. Still, she worries whether the long-standing issue with bullying will ever be stopped.

ROCK organizers say it's too early to say what kind of impact the ROCK is having on the lower grades.

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