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Coker woman one step closer to getting running water thanks to good Samaritan

(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)

To say a West Alabama woman is thrilled to be one step closer to having running water is a big understatement.

Sheila Davis says help came her way out of nowhere and she is forever grateful.

Coker resident Sheila Davis has been living without running water for four years.

She's been begging the town of Coker to give it to her. But officials said if Davis wants water, she'll have to pay for the old water lines to be replaced.

That cost is upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. So Davis turned to FOX6 for help.

Shortly after our initial story ran, a Tuscaloosa radio station got in contract with a well digger in Demopolis.

And Wednesday, to Davis' surprise, the company showed up and started digging a well for her in her back yard. At around 175 feet, the well diggers struck water, which was like pure gold in Davis' mind.

Davis is one step closer to having running water. All she needs now is a pump and piping to get it to her house.

Davis says she relied heavily on her faith and she says her prayers were answered.

"I've got water. It's just going to take me getting a pump and pump lines like that. But Lord, am I truly blessed. And I'm grateful for FOX6 and for what y'all do. Because you truly stand by people and are on their side," Davis said.

The owner of the well digging company didn't want any recognition for his effort. Davis calls him her angel in disguise. Davis also wants to thank Tuscaloosa radio station 96.9 for helping as well.

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