Editorial: "Avoidable"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Earlier this week a child was critically injured after being struck by a vehicle at a busy intersection here in Montgomery. Reports are this child was attempting to cross four lanes of traffic after being released from school. This horrible accident was avoidable as there is a tunnel available for students to use at this same intersection.

Word is students don't feel safe using the tunnel due to poor lighting, graffiti and certain activity by individuals in the tunnel that make students uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that dodging cars was deemed a better option.

Wouldn't you think someone at the school or with local law enforcement or at the city would have heard or even more likely actually witnessed kids putting themselves and motorists at risk prior to this accident? We at WSFA 12 News in February did stories on the problems associated with students in our area crossing roads illegally before and after school.

We would ask that all school principals in our viewing area take it upon themselves in the coming week to survey the comings and goings of their students each day. Additionally, ask the students if there are any issues with crossing guards, traffic lights, speeding motorists or even tunnels in suspect condition.  Once you complete this survey, start make changes immediately and hold school assemblies annually to Address road crossing safety.

There's nothing we can do about the child that was already hit, but there is definitely something we can do about preventing the next one.

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