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2 'sovereign citizens' charged with extortion in Oxford

Everett Leon Stout has been arrested and his common law wife Mariam Clare Shultz is still wanted. Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC Everett Leon Stout has been arrested and his common law wife Mariam Clare Shultz is still wanted. Source: Dixon Hayes/WBRC

Oxford police have filed multiple extortion related charges against two elderly people they say profess to be "sovereign citizens."

On Friday, police said they arrested 72-year-old Everett Leon Stout of Scottsboro and are still looking for his accomplice and common law wife, Mariam Claire Shulz of Rainsville.

Officers say the couple were trying to file liens against area businesses, and then planned to demand money from the business to make the liens go away.

Police were tipped off by a concerned resident that a sovereign citizen was filing liens that were made up, so they sent an undercover officer to get close to the couple.

Stout and Shultz successfully filed a lien against one business, Dandy RV of Oxford, and were trying to file liens against multiple other businesses, but never got any money.

If they had, they would've gotten some $1.6 million, according to police.

"What they do is file these fake liens in the court system and through the banks. And then they attempt to extort from the business owner, money to make these liens go away, because it's very costly for these businesses to get these liens taken off," Oxford Police Chief Bill Partridge said.

D.A. Brian McVeigh said Stout was also known to teach others how to pull off the same kind of scam.

"We've got evidence in our area, that he was trying to recruit other people to do the same thing that he was doing," McVeigh said.

The couple also went to Dandy RV to buy an RV valued at $267,000 with a check written on a "special government account" that everyone with a Social Security check has. They were ordered off the property and later filed a false lien against the business.

"Domestic extremism is what these sovereign citizens are considered, by the FBI and the Department of Justice. I consider them 'paper terrorists.' They can be violent, but what they do is, they use papers in their common law to extort money from our businesses and our citizens," Chief Partridge said.

The chief said the couple was taking advantage of a system they claim to not believe in.

"We wanted to put the sovereign citizens on notice to let them know that we're not going to tolerate this type of behavior, and that we will prosecute them and put 'em in jail," Partridge said.

Stout and Shulz are each charged with one count of attempted theft, one count of first degree extortion, and 13 counts of attempted extortion.

McVeigh says they've both been prosectued for similar acts in other counties.

Stout is being held in the Oxford City Jail, and Shulz is believed to be somewhere in the Jackson County area near the Alabama/Tennessee state line.

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